NNSTU n.a. Rostislav Alekseev

Federal State-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Education “Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after Rostislav Alekseev” (NNSTU, previously well-known as Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnic University)


Educational buildings


average score at the Unified National School Exam of the enroling students in 2019


Realizing the principle “Education through science” NNSTU switched to the institutional system of organizing educational and scientific activities. NNSTU includes 7 institutes, 3 schools, Dzerzhinsk and Arzamas Polytechnic institutes (branches). 13 thousand students study at NNSTU, 154 Professors and 522 PhDs teach there, 5 laureates of the Russian Federation National Award in science and technology. NNSTU is the leading university in the Association for International Cooperation between Volga Federal District Universities and universities of China provinces uniting more than 60 educational organizations of the two countries. It is the main university of The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, United Aircraft Corporation, United Shipbuilding Corporation, the main university in the Volga Federal District in terms of organizing information interaction between higher education institutions and the Ministry of Defense of Russia, a member of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, Technical Universities Association, International Atomic Energy Agency, Association of Automotive Engineers, Nizhny Novgorod Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and many other communities.
In recent years, in NNSTU there has been a rise in the effectiveness of scientific research in priority areas for the region (nuclear technology, transport systems, energy conservation, radio electronics). One of the competitive advantages of NNSTU in the educational field is a developed system of 15 basic departments at the leading enterprises of Nizhny Novgorod region. In Russian university ratings, NNSTU steadily occupies a place in the first hundred leading Russian universities, and in a number of areas it is among the first 20 best universities. Over the century-long history of the university, more than 250 thousand engineers graduated from there. More than 80% of the heads of industrial enterprises of Nizhny Novgorod region are graduates of NNSTU.




Training of highly qualified personnel

  • Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Electronics and Radio Engineering
  • Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering
  • Nuclear Physics and Technologies
  • Machine Building
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Productions
  • Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Small Gun
  • Artillery and Rocket Arms
  • Chemical Technology Biotechnology
  • Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Material Science and Material Technologies
  • Ground Transport and Technological Means
  • Aircraft and Helicopter Technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ocean Engineering and Systems Engineering of Marine Infrastructure
  • Economics
  • Administration and Management
  • Scientific Discipline of Documentation and Archival Science

  • Central Research Institute "Petrel" JSC
  • JSC "VMZ"
  • JSC "KB" Vympel "
  • Military Engineering Center LLC
  • JSC GosNIImash
  • FBU "State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Nizhny Novgorod Region"
  • HOA "Hydromash"
  • JSC Giprogazcentr
  • GAZ Group
  • PJSC "Gorky Communications Equipment Plant named after A.S. Popov"
  • PJSC "Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky"
  • PJSC Krasnoye Sormovo Plant
  • JSC "Red Anchor"
  • OOO Lukoil-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez
  • LLC Lukoil-Nizhegorodniinefteproekt
  • JSC Central Design Bureau "Lazurit"
  • LLC "Mera-NN"
  • MP "Nizhny Novgorod Metro"
  • Branch of Nizhnovenergo-PJSC IDGC of Center and Volga Region
  • PJSC "Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Plant"
  • JSC "NNPO named after MV Frunze"
  • Branch of the RFNC-VNIIEF- "NIIIS named after Yu.E. Sedakov"
  • JSC Nizhpharm
  • JSC "NZ - 70th Victory Anniversary"
  • JSC "Afrikantov OKBM"
  • LLC "United Engineering Center"
  • Federal Research and Production Center of JSC NPP Polet
  • JSC "NPO" Pravdinsky Radio Plant "
  • PJSC Ruspolimet
  • RusVinyl LLC
  • JSC NPP Salyut
  • JSC "SZ" Volga "
  • NAZ Sokol - Branch of JSC RSK MiG
  • SIBUR Group of Companies
  • JSC "PKO" Heat Exchanger "
  • PJSC T-Plus
  • Transneft Upper Volga JSC
  • Teploenergo JSC
  • OOO Tubor
  • Horst Firm LLC
  • Harman LLC
  • JSC "Central Design Bureau for SPK named after RE Alekseev"
  • LLC "Chaika-NN"
  • JSC "ElectroIntel"
  • JSC "NPO Erkon
  • JSC "APZ them. P.I.Plandina "
  • JSC Magna Avtomotiv Rus
  • A / O INTEL
  • ZAO Vremya-Ch
  • PJSC Rostelecom
  • Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation "Nizhny Novgorod Customs"
  • F-FSUE "NPO" Microgen MZRF "ImBio"
  • Wimm-Bill-Dann JSC
  • UFNS of Russia in the Nizhny Novgorod region
  • Sberbank PJSC
  • Automobiles of Bavaria LLC
  • LLC SPC "Anode"
  • JSC "Vyksa Metallurgical Plant"
  • Danieli-Volga LLC
  • JSC "Plant No. 9"
  • Kalinin NPP
  • Kola NPP
  • JSC "CA" Zvezdochka "
  • FSUE Atomflot
  • LLC "SSK" Star "
  • Atomproject JSC
  • JSC PKK Milander
  • FBU "Nizhny Novgorod FMC"
  • LLC Gazprom transgaz Nizhny Novgorod
  • LLC Avtoliga-Center

Winners and prize-winners of Olympiads included in the "List of Olympiads for schoolchildren for the 2018-2019 academic year" and applicants with at least 75 points in the exam and "5" in the certificate (diploma) in specialized subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry , informatics and ICT, social science), received in NSTU in 2019 on a budgetary form of study in technical areas (specialties), a scholarship bonus of 50% of the academic scholarship is awarded for 1 semester of study at the university.

Free tickets to student camp "Zhdanovets" are allocated to applicants who entered the budgetary education in 2019 and scored at least 220 points according to the results of the exam.


Educational buildings


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